Beagle Puppies Good With Kids

Published: 04th February 2008
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As puppies, beagles are born to hunt, but with socializing beginning at a young age, they can quickly learn to get along with other beagles, other animals as well as with humans. They are especially fond of young children and make excellent pets for families. Although small in stature, beagles have a big heart and have a friendly disposition and exceptionally loyal to their family.

Beagles seem to have an endless supply of energy and will need plenty of space to roam and run, however they can be happy as part of a household, provided they can get out an run once or twice a day. One of the things people need to consider when looking for a beagle puppy for sale is the availability of the animal having its needed space. If the home and adjacent property is not large enough, a nearby area should be available for the owner to help the dog get its needed exercise.
Children are especially fond of the beagle breed due to its calm demeanor and ability to treat children as part of its family. This small dog, usually between 13 and 16-inches tall will grow to weigh between 18 and 35 pounds, making it an ideal size for small children. Beagles are also highly intelligent animals, willing and able to quickly be trained and their willingness to please their owners make them easy to train new behaviors. However, they do have a short attention span and can quickly lose interest if they discover a new scent they want to follow.

There are numerous sources for finding a beagle puppy for sale and although some owners may have provided an ideal environment for their pets, breeders are possible one of the better sources for a healthy animal. A qualified breeder has probably recognized some of the health issues the puppy may have and will be able to advise the new owners on any medical care the dog may require.
There are some health issues that can be obvious in a very young dog and when looking for a beagle puppy for sale it pays to know the relevant symptoms. A beagle suffering from what is called funny puppy may have a crooked back or weak legs. Their overall health may be good but they are usually more susceptible to other illnesses. Epilepsy is another common problems among beagles but when found at an early cage can be treated with medication.

Another common problem with this breed known as Chinese Beagle Syndrome make the eyes appear to be slanted and the outer toes may not be fully developed. Other than these two characteristics, the animal's general health and development will be normal. A beagle can be expected to live about 12 years and with the proper nutrition and exercise should be a loving addition to any family, especially those with children.

Beagle puppies can be fun loving and loyal and Michelle Adams has extensive experience in breeding and training beagles. They are also helpful in connecting beagle puppies with potential new owners. Most families eager to purchase beagle puppies may not have the skills needed to identify many of the health issues of beagles. If they are caught early enough, most problems associated with the breed can be controlled or eliminated to help the new family pet fit into its new home. When a family is buying a new pet, there will be certain beagle puppy supplies they will need and by noting information from careful research, the puppy can have everything it will need in its new home. Having someone with the right experience as well as understanding of the breed can help all families make an informed decision on their new pet beagle.

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